Rick and Morty: Pocket Mortys App Reviews

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Lived the love

Loved this game so much I loved it but it needs 2 be updated more

Great but one problem

Ive played through the app in version 1.0 (and thoroughly enjoyed it) and didnt notice a single problem. Then I got bored. I quit. Now I have come back to start anew, but one problem. I have 2 original mortys. You cannot get rid of one either, as you cannot trash, store or combine the original Morty. Please release a patch so I can play through the game (Again) as intended. Thanks!


this is a very cool game but I did not have Russian language


First up Adult Swim or whomever maintains this game, what the hell? Every fight I go for, the game crashes. Had it crash 5 times in a row before it started to work and then on top of that when I got to the councilman, the game crashed so bad that it messed up my tablet. Definitely annoying. Would be an amazing game if it wasnt for the crashes and bugs.

So great jshdjdjdjsiwlllalpp


I hope the creators of this game step on a Lego.

The difficulty spike on this game is so bad, unless you pay (real money) for tickets, you will die more than you win. There is no forward progression. Pay to win? No, pay to PLAY. The hint here is there is an option to pay $100 for tickets... NO GAME ON EARTH IS WOTH THAT MUCH MONEY JUST TO PLAY. I hope the developers children are infected with zika and all their progeny develop microcephaly striking them and their defective genes from the face of the earth.

Amazing Game!!

So i just beat all of the council members with my top morty lvl 46 super unicorn morty and Im not sure if thats good or not. But I cant get all of the mortys in the game because I accidentally set free my egg morty!!! Please fix it because its super annoying when I first got it it was put in the day are and I accidentally released it. Please Try and give me it back or put something in the game where you can catch it in the wild or something because that is the only one that I cant catch. Plzz!!

Better than Pokemon go

This game is everything that Pokemon go should have been. Would love to see more activities added to do in the game

Great, but crashes.

Everytime I fight against Maximus Rickimus, the game crashes. Ive saved to cloud, deleted the app, redownloaded it and restored my game data but it still crashes when I fight him. I hate to rate so harshly, but I really want to progress further in my game.


Not pay to win!

Best Game

I only ask that you can rename your Mortys. Otherwise best game out there!

Love the game but

Look I love this game I really do but every time I go see my first council Rick the frame freeze and then it will crash like I said love the game but please fix this I want to beat my first council Rick.

The Shwiftiest app out there!

Love the show and the game is awesome. Its been crashing on me though usually when Im in the middle of a battle. Otherwise its perfect!

Nice Graphics

Nice graphics and game is very smooth, but the brief pauses/lag between selecting actions during an encounter with an enemy is too long and becomes frustrating very quick. I also hate turn-based "action" games.. It takes the action right out of the game and feels pointless. But they get 3 stars from me anyways bc at least thats the way they wanted the game to be. ....5 stars if it wasnt boring.

Amazing and so much fun but...

This game is amazing I love the show and love the game but whenever Im battling sometimes the other morty will hit once then Ill do my move but it wont work and the other morty will hit again. Please fix this

Awesome game

I love it Rick and morty now in my pocket this will keep me busy until season three

Awesome!!! & Addictive

This game brings tons of fun and a bit of challenges

Bed ridden due to fractured leg

I love the show and I love hat you made this game even for non Internet gaming! Love the Pokemon concept


Good game but when you open the items it crashes

Love it, but...

I love this game and the one episode of the show that I have seen was fantastic, but it does crash a lot. I have a second hand phone so it might be that.

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