Rick and Morty: Pocket Mortys App Reviews

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So in love

So in love with this game


Real good game but can we have it in french please !


Best morty ever 10/10 would morty again

10/10 Would rate again

Very Good...i think

This game ia assome, Morty

"Wuba Lubba Dub dub" isnt my catchphrase anymore. My new catchphrase is "I love this f**** game!"

Rick and Morty + Pokemon

É ótimo para matar o tempo ( its great to kill time)

Muito bom

Jogo bom é muito viciante, pra reais fans de Rick and Morty

More Combinations

I love the game but Id like to see more Morty combinations, Ive got 6 pairs of equal uncombined Mortys in the daycare that I cant do much with and I would love to see the result of their combination.

Ooh wee

Go Morty! ziemlich cooles game..

Best app of all time.

Show me what you got!

Ohh Wee!

Listen... Morty listen... Morty... Morty... listen. Thats a hell of a *burp* game. Go for it!

Must have if u like the series - cloud saving possible!

Man this game is amazing. Its deasigned in the good old Pokemon-Theme and fits the humor of Rick and Morty perfectly! I hope theres more stuff coming up like this! U need to admit cloud savings in ur iPhone settings before to save in-game. Greetings from Germany


+ I was waited for app like "Pokemon" on GBA, but for iOS. thank you a lot! - I found a little bug, when you changing the app and leave "pocket Mortys" in background, sometimes it crashes. +- I want to ask you, maybe you can add multiplayer to play with friends through Game Center.

Amazing Game

Just amazing!! I would love to play this game with my controller

Pokemon + Rick and Morty

= Best game ever

This is awesome

If you Love Pokémon and Rick and morty you have to Download this game its Great

The finest adaption!

I am looking forward to updates for the app and season 3 of the tv-show as well!


Problem I came to the place to get badges with dead montys I only have dead montys because I switch out the ones living but now i cant go back to the healing centre because I cant fight with dead montys pls a way to go yo healing centre with out fighting

Super Fun

Fun for hours on end.

Good game

The only flaw is that it keeps crashing when I get to the council of ricks

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